Managed AdOps services for marketers

Our team is experienced in managing programmatic advertising campaigns and is ready to assist your brand in achieving successful outcomes.

Are you considering bringing some or all of your digital marketing in-house?

We'll dig deep into your current media buying activities to see how effectively it's working and where we can improve.

Scope of our work;

Programmatic Planning & Buying

Analytics Integration

Adserving & Tracking

Landing Page Optimization

Audience & Data Managament


Audience Targeting

We leverage 3rd party audience segments to drive revenue and conversions for our clients through cost-effective, creative strategies.

We determine the sites & apps your consumers visit after determining who they are. We track their behavior and use it to plan their journey, carefully selecting placements that are more in line with the way your audience and consumers behave.

Top Data Sources

Over +40k niche audience segments ready for your campaigns.

Multiple Campaign Types








App Install




Rich Media


You have complete control over the bids and know just how much you're paying for impressions.

You have entire authority over where your ads appear, how they are targeted, and when they are delivered.

Pricing Policy

When you dive down to the raw cost, partnering with us frequently results in lower inventory costs than your present techniques. In reality, our clients pay 35% less to reach their target demographics.

DSP Seat

Fixed cost for enabling a seat for your brand


per Month

Google AdX Inventory

AppNexus Inventory

3rd Party Audience Segments

Dedicated Account Manager

AdOps Fee

For managing your campaigns up to $30k /month


per 1000 impressions

Creative Audits


Weekly Reporting



Viewability Tracking

$0.03 CPM

Cross Device Targeting

$0.25 CPM

Doubleverify Brand Safety

$0.05 CPM

ComScore Brand Safety

$0.06 CPM

3rd Party Audience Targeting

$0.05 - $2 CPM

Why should you choose our business model?

Cost effective

By partnering with us, you'll always know the exact cost of your media purchases. There are no hidden costs or kickbacks. As a result, your budget is allocated at publishers rather than agency commissions. You will receive more impressions for a lower CPM.

No Tech Stack Investment

You don't have to be concerned with partner platform contracts, spending commitments, or product orientation. We cover everything for a small initial fixed price. Furthermore, all of our AdOps services are offered with a fixed CPM cost, which saves you even more budget.

Since 2011, we've managed more than 10,000 campaigns for top brands and agencies.